As part of the course, all students need to complete an individual programming assignment, a small-scale game — or other interactive piece as long as it does something meaningful. You can use either Processing or JavaScript. You’re free to choose a topic for your project, but it must feature at least the following components, used in a realistic manner, at least once each:

  • Interaction using the mouse or keyboard
  • Arrays
  • Loops (for)
  • Conditional statements (if)
  • Self-made functions
  • Comments

You can also choose a predefined theme from the following list, if you don’t feel like creating one on your own. If you have your own idea decided, confirm with the teachers that it’s doable and meets the requirements. These examples also serve as a point of reference so that you can estimate if your own project is too simple or complicated. In any case, you need to write all the code yourself – using extensions and external libraries is fine, however.

  • Space invaders. There are aliens moving at the top of the window and a ship at the bottom. The ship can move and shoot the aliens.
  • Two-player tic-tac-toe. Two players can place noughts and crosses on a 3×3 grid after another using a mouse. When there’s three of them in a row or diagonally the player wins, and the winning combination is highlighted.
  • Tron game. Two players control their light cycles with keyboard in four directions. The cycles are drawn as lines and they move all the time, leaving a track.  A player loses when he hits the track of the light cycle.

Deadline: November 6. For considerably larger projects the deadline can be extended until the 13th. Ask us beforehand. Submit the files by email – if it’s more than one make a zip.