Course description

The course is aimed at teaching the fundamentals of programming through practical exercises for students with no previous technical experience. The emphasis is on understanding the mechanisms and a variety of tools are used, which will provide pointers for further studies and a starting ground for more in depth analysis. The course is a prerequisite to many more technical courses. For students with previous studies in computer science the course is not obligatory.

  • Teachers: Markku Reunanen and Jukka Eerikäinen
  • Credit points: 3–5, depending on the magnitude of the project
  • Location: 4th floor computer classroom (414)
  • Grading: pass/fail
  • Assessment: 80% attendance, completed exercise task

The detailed schedule of the course can be found in the MyCourses portal (no use duplicating it here). The first half of the course will be about the fundamentals of programming, taught using Processing and the remaining time you’ll be using HTML5/JavaScript.