Wrapping up

The lectures are coming to an end an next it’s time for you to do the assignment. Just some final notes, recap and further pointers for you left. First a little cheat sheet of what the things we’ve learned so far are good for:

  • Variables: storing single values for calculations, temporary use, loop counters, and other program states
  • Arrays (and lists): storing multiple values, collections of variables
  • Conditional statements (if, if-else): doing things conditionally, when something is true or false
  • Loops (for, while): repeating things, such as walking through an array or drawing multiple shapes
  • Functions: pieces of code that independently do a well-defined task, breaking down programs into smaller parts, useful across programs
  • Comments: keeping the program human-readable, documentation, temporarily taking out parts
  • (Objects: logical wholes containing both data and functionality – we only scratched the surface during this course)

The instructions, deadlines and requirements for the assignment can be found on their respective page. Markku tutors the Processing works and Jukka the JavaScript ones. Just to make sure: you can choose which language to use and will do only one project, not one in both. Start early on now that you still remember the content well, and also ask us if you’re unsure whether your idea is too easy or difficult to implement.

If you really want to get into programming, there are many more programming courses offered both at our department and at the School of Science. Most of our programming-related courses from our curriculum:

  • From Data to Pixels – Pretty much continues where we left off here
  • Multitouch Interaction
  • Generative Media Coding
  • Bodily Interaction
  • Electronics for Artists
  • Composing with Data Flow Programming
  • Physical Interaction Design
  • Procedural Audio
  • Computational Intelligence in Games

And as the last thing, remember to send course feedback through Oodi so that we can improve the parts that didn’t work and keep the ones that did.

We can be reached through email, but consider using the MyCourses discussion forum, because then others can see the solution too.

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