Additional Processing exercises

More little Processing exercises. Not obligatory, just for rehearsing the topics we’ve covered. Example solutions included, but try first on your own.

  • Simple graphics. Create the familiar smiley face using the graphical capabilities offered by Processing. smileyface.pde
  • Variables. Declare two int variables with values 100 and 200. Print them, swap their values using a third variable and print again. swap.pde
  • Using the mouse. Make a crosshair that moves with the mouse. crosshair.pde
  • Loop and compare. Print all even numbers from 0 to 30, except 10 and 20. forbidden.pde
  • Animate and compare. Move a circle smoothly across the screen and change it to a rectangle in the middle. changemidway.pde
  • Arrays. For the first 100 frames, store the sum of mouse x and y coordinate in an array. savecoords.pde
  • Strings and arrays. Put five names into an array and print them on separate lines together with the line numer. names.pde
  • Functions. Turn the smiley face into a function that lets you plot it at any given location on the screen. Plot three of them to test it. smileys.pde
  • Return value. Make a function that takes two numbers as parameters and returns the bigger one. greater.pde
  • Random numbers, graphical text and type conversion. Create a font and load it. Each frame get a random number and display it at a random position. randomtext.pde
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